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Win it with us

With your current recruiting methods, you only address people who are currently actively looking for a job. But what about the really good people – the ones who really have it and are currently in permanent positions?

These people who are not actively looking for a job make up the largest part of the job market, around 80%. And with your current recruiting methods, you are missing out on addressing exactly these talents. The solution:


Place your job offer where your target group is and convince them of yourself!

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It's that simple!

No more expensive job advertisements, abandoned career pages and time-consuming active sourcing. Try the #1 recruiting method now!

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Create employer strategy

We sharpen our pencils and listen to you. What is your company DNA and what talent are you looking for?

 Content creation (Funnel & Creatives)

We create emotional content (landing page, photos, videos) to attract your employees and expand your employer brand.

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Show advertising campaigns to talent

The advertising campaigns are played out via the platforms on which your talents are located.

Prequalify candidates

The quiz allows us to specifically query your requirements. Talents that don't fit are selected.

Fill open positions

In the end, you are spoiled for choice, who do you want to hire?

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Your benefits

Tailored candidate search

Using the most advanced analysis tools and a comprehensive candidate database, Performance Recruiting enables a tailored search for potential applicants. This means you can more quickly identify highly qualified talent that exactly matches your company's needs and culture.

Efficiency in every step

Performance Recruiting automates numerous aspects of the recruitment process - from the initial selection to the coordination of interviews. This automation frees up valuable time for you to focus on the core activities that deserve your full attention.

Measurable progress

With Performance Recruiting you have permanent insight into the status of your recruiting efforts. Thanks to detailed data and meaningful reports, you can precisely evaluate the success of your strategy and make targeted adjustments if necessary.

Higher candidate quality

Performance recruiting increases the likelihood of attracting talent that not only has the required skills, but can also be seamlessly integrated into the company culture. This results in long-lasting and prosperous employee relationships.

Advantage in the competition for skilled workers

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, acting quickly and efficiently is crucial in order to attract the best talent. Performance recruiting gives you the decisive advantage to triumph in the competition for skilled workers.

The social media platforms for attracting employees

The performance recruiting campaigns are placed on the online channels with the highest reach, these are:

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