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Mobile funnels

Our seamless mobile funnel guides candidates on a seamless journey through the application process, optimized for their devices and needs. This means applicants experience a pleasant, interactive and personalized experience - from the first contact to the successful recruitment.

Citrus Fruits
Extensive onboarding

The mobile funnel ensures that applicants understand the application process quickly and effortlessly. This includes clear instructions, user-friendly interfaces, personalization and quick feedback. This way you can increase applicant satisfaction and optimize the success of your mobile job advertisements.

Professional implementation of your campaign

Professional implementation of your campaign is of the utmost importance. It ensures a clear message, attractive design and targeted distribution. This includes expertise, creative elements and analysis for optimal results. This will maximize the success of your campaign.

Campaign controlling + optimizations

Our experts carefully analyze your campaign, identify weak points and implement targeted improvements. This is how we ensure the sustainable success of your campaign.

Personal campaign manager

Our expert is at your side every step of the way to tailor your campaign and continuously optimize it.

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