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Recruiting meets online marketing

Performance recruiting

At a time when competition for skilled talent is relentless, it is critical to leverage bold and novel approaches to attract the best talent to your organization. This is where the performance recruiting of Facts & Skills Performance Recruiting GmbH & Co. KG as a pioneering method to take the recruitment process to an unprecedented level.

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More reach

Less effort

Lower costs

No more expensive job advertisements, abandoned career pages and time-consuming active sourcing. Try the #1 recruiting method now!

Try the #1 recruiting method now!

With Facts & Skills achieve all talents!

Win the WAR OF TALENTS with us

Place your job offers where your target group is and convince them of yourself!

Social Media Job Advertisement

Using social media for job postings opens doors to a global audience, provides a cost-effective advertising opportunity and creates a vibrant, interactive platform where your company not only attracts applicants but also strengthens your employer branding.

Increasing reach

Tailored candidate search

Efficiency in every step

Mobile funnels

Immerse yourself in the world of performance recruiting, enhanced by our innovative mobile funnel. Take advantage of mobility and convenience to engage and inspire potential candidates - directly on their mobile devices.

Extensive onboarding

Professional implementation of your campaign

Campaign controlling + optimizations

Personal campaign manager

  • Does employee recruitment really work via social media?
    Yes, we have an 89% success rate across all our projects. With our help, many of our customers have been able to successfully fill long vacancies and continue the growth of their company. They receive qualified applications and benefit from the most efficient all-round solution for candidate-centred recruiting, which is suitable for all company sizes and career levels in various economic sectors and professional groups.eignet.
  • How many applications can I expect?
    Unlike traditional headhunters or recruitment agencies, we do not offer performance-based projects. Performance recruiting campaigns are more comparable to marketing projects. This means that you always receive the value of visibility and employer branding through performance recruiting. However, as we do not support candidates in the application process alongside our campaigns, we do not offer performance-based remuneration.
  • How can you make sure your ads reach the right people?
    We use targeted targeting on the social media platforms to display the adverts to the right target candidates. ‍ With the help of a targeted design of the adverts & texts, we ensure that only the right group of potential candidates feel addressed by the adverts and click on the link. ‍ The social media platform's algorithm learns to display the advert even more precisely to the target group that is most likely to respond to the advertising medium.
  • Wann kann ich mit den ersten Bewerbern rechnen?
    Nachdem die Kampagne auf der Social-Media Plattform online ist, kann auch mit den ersten Bewerbungen gerechnet werden. ‍ Nach einer kurzen Lernphase, findet der Algorithmus die optimale Zielgruppe und spielt die Stellenanzeigen konstant an diese aus. ‍ Als Teil unserer Leistungen sorgen wir dann dafür, dass dieser Bewerbungseingang immer besser wird.
  • Are performance recruiting campaigns remunerated based on success?
    Unlike traditional competitors, we deliberately offer optional combined performance-based remuneration. Optionally (leads [add-on]), we accompany candidates through the application process and you pay when you actually hire a suitable candidate, which reduces recruiting costs. This allows you to evaluate our success based on measurable results and ensure that you get value for money. This approach puts the emphasis on our quality! Alongside this, you always get the value of visibility and employer branding through performance recruiting.
  • Is the preliminary discussion/potential analysis really free?
    Yes, the preliminary discussion with us is 100% free of charge and you are not entering into a contract. Our first step is to find out how we can apply our method in your company.
  • Funktioniert eure Methode für jede Stelle?
    Durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung haben wir eine Zielgruppeverständnis für verschiedenste Branchen aufgebaut und kennen alle wichtigen Channels. Wir wissen also genau, auf was es ankommt, um die richtigen Bewerber für jede Stelle anzusprechen.
  • I hardly have time. How much time do I have to invest?
    With our method, we ensure that recruiting is not only particularly straightforward for applicants, but also for recruiters themselves. Your personal campaign consultants and our qualification by machine and human only send suitable candidates, thus reducing your "time-to-hire". You can invest all available resources in your core business.

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